The Sands of Athas is a 4e sandbox (ha!) campaign set in Dark Sun. It is a mostly vanilla run with some minor houseruling and includes the fixed weapon bonus and weapon breakage rules from the Dark Sun Campaign Setting book.

The Story So Far…
The gang found themselves enslaved and set to become gladiators in the arena pit of Outpost 15 of the Merchant house, House Bandek. They overcame rigorous conditioning and soon demonstrated their martial prowess in the arena, earning them first billing in the upcoming auctions.

When no one showed up for the auction, the gang got to crawl around on a ziggurat and play king of the mountain in the arena. Later, some trouble makers from Tyr show up and stage a slave riot, freeing the leader of the Tyran loyalist Templars, Giaus. The gang gets loose in the chaos and even helps old Giaus beat up their old area coach Duros. Great job! The gang turns down a job offer from Giaus, who sets off with his bros intent on raising an army to retake Tyr from King Tithian. Good luck Giaus. Now the gang is trying to decide what to do with their new found freedom.

Signing on as the muscle on a silt skimmer, the gang helped Captain F’redd “recover” an ancient fragment of a Gith ship from a small group of tribal Gith. Along the way, they tame a Jakhar trapjaw and harvest some potent ichor from a Cylops. They go ashore at a House Wavir trade outpost where the gang makes some trades and the Captain gets a line on their next stop.

The gang pulls off a daring theft of a ship fragment en route to Balic off of the treasure hunter’s ship, the Flying Jahkar. They return to Wavir 45 quickly before the Flying Jahkar’s crew discovers the absence of their prize. Along the way, they claim the hides of a number of Silt Runners wanted for attacking merchant ships in the area.

To kill some time until the captain can locate another ship fragment, the gang hunts down a Chathrang to use its armored hide to upgrade their own armor.

Sands of Athas