• Erik


    Naive orphan of Athas in search of peace
  • Caddrach


    A weathered and scarred old former gladiator, Caddrach turned to worship of the dark sun of Athas after retiring from the arena. He serves as a healer of sorts for those injured in the arena of Outpost 15.
  • Duros


    Former Gladiator and current trainer of gladiators for House Branek, Duros is an imposing minotaur, one of the few still to be found on Athas. Killed by Giaus during the slave revolt of Outpost 15 when the gang turned on their former trainer.
  • Krixus


    A reedy man with long and greasy black hair. One of the few gladiators recruits to survive the rebellion at Outpost 15, Krixus has displayed some unnatural power that belies his outward timidity.
  • Rogrum Bricklayer

    Rogrum Bricklayer

    Rogrum Bricklayer, a former mercenary, now runs Ledopolis on the Dragon Tongue Estuary. He is a gruff dwarf and will brook no nonsense. The prosperity of the twin cities of North and South Ledopolis is the only thing that concerns him these days.
  • Takka Ridgewalker

    Takka Ridgewalker

    Takka Ridgewalker is the defacto leader of a small tribe of half giants settled on a flint rich "island" southeast of Ledopolis.
  • Tyrast


    A hulking and scarred mercenary Mul that took part in the rebellion at Outpost 15. Tyrast is a veteran and has a great deal of experience in the martial fields of Athas.